As a boutique owner for 20 years and a retailer for 35 I know how challenging it can be juggling the demands of running a store and trying to get the most from your online sales. Time is precious and everyone wants a slice of it, your priorities ultimately are the ones that walk through the door. But have you ever asked yourself where your biggest opportunities are? Because after all that is what business is about, exploiting opportunities.

You too have probably had calls over the years from EPoS companies perhaps saying you need their system or that they integrate with the leading eCommerce companies or their own bespoke eCommerce solution. As a fashion boutique have you ever asked yourself why you have or need an EPoS system? It’s time consuming to maintain and if it wasn’t for the reports you would probably just have a cash register.

Selling online changes all that! It gives you a reason to have EPoS and a purpose in maintaining all those products.

It could be that your biggest opportunity to grow your business is outside your boutique selling to new customers across the country.

If you already have an EPoS system and want to start selling online, or maybe have been selling online and it’s not gone so well, then get in touch and let’s have a chat.