It is such a simple thing, but the ability to archive a product is one of the most requested features from Shopify merchants. The news of a raft of new Shopify back office features this year is about to change that.

Managing your styles in Shopify is quick and easy, but if you have been using the system a while then trawling through out of stock products can be a bit tiresome. The good news is the developers have answered your prayers and a new ‘product state’ feature is arriving this summer.

Fashion boutiques have a high turnover of products with a constant stream of seasonal lines that sell through and expire. Never the be stocked again, this means you have a higher than average use of the product functions.

Managing your product workflow from ordering to go-live online can make this a lot easier and less time consuming. These new features are set to change your life and make how you work even faster.

Draft Products

If you have different team members setting up a product then the new draft product state will allow you to get working without the risk of the product going live. This makes it easier to share the load of product setup by having different team members complete different sections of a products details. Or you can just use this if want to do it yourself in stages.

Archive Products

Boutiques are going to be happy about archiving this summer.

Archiving products will hide them from your main product screens but keep them in the background for reporting and enquiry purposes. Don’t worry they will still be accessible should you need them to check inventory or pricing.

The thought of just seeing the products you have stock of seems a logical way to work. But up until now this new feature hasn’t been available and the launch this summer will see a big change to the volume of products displayed.

We’ll bring you more details as soon as the feature goes live.